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When Thanksgiving Goes Wrong

November 22, 2018

We all hope for a picture-perfect Thanksgiving, one with smiling faces surrounding a magazine-worthy spread. Unfortunately, that scene doesn’t always happen. The turkey overcooks, red wine stains the white carpet, and your guests bring their own guests, without letting you know ahead of time.

To celebrate the holiday (which will hopefully be without drama), we’re telling the story of a Thanksgiving fail, experienced by Citi Habitats agent Nancy Cheng, who was kind enough to share it with us. Enjoy!

A True Turkey Tale

The dining room table was beautifully set with the finest linen, china, crystal, and silverware, well in advance of the big day. The day before, the floral arrangements were delivered and set in place. On Thanksgiving Day, all fourteen guests were nicely seated, eyeing the eleven freshly-made vegetable dishes that were meticulously prepared and strategically displayed on the table. Four homemade pies ornately rested on the side table. All of the guests were anxiously awaiting the turkey that had been brining for 24 hours, and was then soaked and dressed with butter, seasoned, and stuffed with wonderfulness! The buzzer went off, which meant it was finally time for the 24-pounder to be pulled from the oven and make its grand entrance to the table. Hot pads in hand, I opened the oven, pulled the rack out slightly, grabbed the pan, lifted it up, and started walking towards the awaiting crowd.

… CRACK! … POP! The glass dish that was holding the turkey exploded! Glass shattered everywhere and the turkey fell to the ground. All guests watched in horror, gasped, and then stared at me. Frightened at first since it literally shattered in my hands, I realized what just happened and simply responded, “Well my dear friends, that is why we make so many side dishes and pies… for times the turkey is simply not edible!!!” Bon appetit!

And with that, we leave you to prepare your own feast (or make your way to the house of a neighbor or relative). Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving from Citi Habitats!

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