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When Real Estate Agents Bring Their Kids to Work…

April 25, 2019

The littlest assistants can often provide the most help. For example, Louna Suberro’s children help out with her real estate efforts by greeting clients and passing out flyers. In honor of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, we asked our agent community to share some stories of their miniature teammates on the job…

I brought my son to one of my open houses for a exclusive rental. He was so chatty and kept trying to give the clients a tour of the apartment. He also talked about how nice and high up the apartment was, and how the rooftop was amazing.

Eddie Maqbool

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Marina Guedouar has a new teammate, please see below for her bio…

Evangeline Guedouar, a true New Yorker (pictured above), has joined the Jimmi C Team at age three. She loves the Park Avenue South location (especially the candy bowl) and quickly earned her desk in Jimmi’s office. She has rented many apartments for her mom, for Jimmi, and for other Citi Habitats brokers. Her regular schedule includes breakfast and home school activities followed by viewings, more school, a nap, more viewings, and play time.

Marina Guedouar

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Shannon Aalai’s three-year-old son Ari (above) went to work with her a few weeks ago…

He ‘assisted’ me with a rental open house on the Upper West Side. I gave him an iPad and told him to sit down quietly and watch it. I also told him that when people came in he should not to talk to me until they left. He was super quiet when no one was there (glued to his iPad) but as soon as people came in, he suddenly could not stop saying “mommy mommy mommy” and wanting to ask me questions.

Shannon Aalai

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Bobi Rosetti’s son Luca (above) isn’t new to open houses either. He has proven just how helpful he can be time and time again…

My son Luca Rossetti is the ultimate open house master, a skill developed all on his own from just listening to me on calls, and talking with me about building our dream home someday. He was a very big part of celebrating my first rental and sales exclusives.

My open houses are always done with him in tow. Luca is the greeter, always making sure guests sign in, and sometimes he helps get the clients to wrap up so I can move on to the next client. He’s a comedian and makes his mark on every client. When the room falls silent or an awkward situation presents itself, he steps in unprompted.

Bobi Rosetti

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