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Treats to Cool You Down This Summer

July 19, 2019

Let’s face it: in the dog days of summer, sometimes you just want ice cream. Or a slushy. Or an icy iced tea, a frozen pina colada, or something in a can so cold it’s sweating. You want it cold, and preferably sweet. You just want to cool off. On the hottest days of the year, it is your right to forget the latest diet for a minute and have what you want. New York City has what you want, it has the best of what you want, and it has what you don’t even know yet that you want because you’ve never heard of it. In honor of National Ice Cream Day on Sunday (July 21st), so we thought it fitting to put together a short (and delicious) list of where to go to get a cool treat to help you beat the summer heat.

Big Gay Ice Cream

61 Grove Street, New York NY 10014 (West Village location)

The next time you find yourself craving a Salty Pimp, head over to Big Gay Ice Cream and have your fill. You’ll be in good company, as the crunchy, chocolatey, vanilla-y, dulce de leche-y cone has been featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate and “a bunch of other shows too,” according to their website. Salty Pimp’s not your style? Maybe you’re more into Truckers or American Globs or Gobblers, an “upside down or inside out” sundae/pie a la mode type thing. Maybe you just want a good old fashioned milkshake. Whatever your flavor, Big Gay Ice Cream is sure to leave you satisfied. And if you can’t get to their East Village or West Village or South Street Seaport store fast enough, you can pick up a pint at Foodtown or Fairway or CVS. And when even that option seems too much, grab yourself a copy of the Big Gay Ice Cream Book and learn how to create your own delicious frozen treat.

Chloe’s Fruit Pops  

25 East 17th Street, New York, NY 10003 (Flatiron location)

There are several things to love about Chloe’s fruit pops. First of all, they’re sweet, delicious, frozen, and soft, kind of exactly like ice cream. Second, they’re made exclusively with fruit, water, and a touch of cane sugar. They’re vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher. The (cane) sugar content of each pop is 12-16 grams, which technically means you could eat one a day and still stay keto (if that applies). And, if you’re not that strict, you could also go a little more wild with your pop. Example: grab a Dipped Pop, where you choose your pop variety (so-called because “flavors” are never added, the pops are all made from one or another variety of fruit), have it dipped in warm dark chocolate or warm peanut butter, and then have it rolled in a topping such as shredded coconut or sprinkles. Would you rather a smoothie, a sundae, or a waffle breakfast? Go big. They’re all vegan, nutritious, delicious, and cold (or, in the case of the waffle breakfast, partly cold). At Chloe’s, you can have your sweet, cold treat and eat it, too.

Van Leeuwen

20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001 (Hudson Yards location, pictured above)

For a happy middle-ground between the decadent Salty Pimp and the minimalist Fruit Pop, head to Hudson Yards for some Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream. They’ve got two varieties—Classic and Vegan—with over 20 different flavors between them. Their Classic ice cream is made from only fresh milk and cream, cane sugar, and egg yolks, and comes in flavors from Vanilla or Strawberry to Earl Grey Tea or Honeycomb. The Vegan variety consists of cashew and coconut milk, coconut oil, cane sugar, cocoa butter, and carob bean, with flavors ranging from Chocolate to Cookie Crumble Strawberry Jam. They also offer other sweet treats such as Affogatos and Cold Brew Shakes, all made from the same simple ingredients. Van Leeuwen makes cold, sweet treats which are simple, delicious, pure, and perhaps best of all? They’re made from scratch in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


241 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003 (East Village)

Ready to get international in your cold-treat-eating experience? Head to Snowdays in the East Village for some Shaved Cream, an Asian-inspired hybrid of shaved ice and ice cream. With this combination, you’ve got a dessert with the texture of snow but the taste and creaminess of ice cream. For even further foreign transportation, add some rice flour dough for a Mochi Snowball. Now go ahead and jump in: order a Roasted Black Sesame Shaved Cream, top it with Pocky Sticks and Red Beans, and drizzle it with Salted Caramel. How about some Yetitracks Shaved Cream (made with oreo cookies and blueberries), topped with Lucky Charms, and drizzled with condensed milk? Voilà: breakfast! Whatever you get from Snowdays, be it a Vietnamese Iced Coffee or a Green Tea Matcha Mochi Snowball or a Sweet Milk Shaved Cream, you’re sure to be delighted by a sweet, cold treat which is slightly exotic, slightly low-fat, and very delicious.

Now that you’re properly hopped up on sweet, cold treats, get inspired (and keep out of the heat!) by gallery hopping in Chelsea or museum hopping off the beaten path.

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