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The Fathers of Citi Habitats

June 14, 2019

In case you’ve been off the grid, Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. Don’t panic, there’s still time to get a card, gift, or reservation. In honor of this special day, we’re highlighting a few of the fathers in our own community…

What is the best part about being a dad in NYC?

“I grew up in rural Arkansas, so being able to introduce my children to all the different landmarks, cultures, and cuisines that I never experienced until later in life is pretty cool.” – Zac Flynt (pictured above with his wife and children)

“Being a dad in NYC! If you are not a dad in NYC you would not understand.” – Shane Kramer

“Being a single dad of four in NY has its challenges, but I believe that the efficiency and coordination tools that I use in my real estate career go a long way in planning and organizing things and events to do with four young children. With so many activities in this city, you never have to do anything twice because there is always a new park or a new restaurant to try. I love New York for my children because it’s so diverse. I try to expose them to all that New York has to offer. – Dave Levy

Citi Habitats agent Dave Levy standing with his four children | LivingIn
Dave Levy with his four children.

Is there an NYC-specific adventure or memory with your children that stands out?

“I have had so many exciting adventures with my boys. The best part is seeing the looks on their faces as they see or experience something for the first time. One adventure I think about a lot is climbing on the rocks in Fort Tryon Park. Exciting for the boys, terrifying for dad. When they got up to the top they sat in little meditation poses and said, “Dad look, yoga.” They see me doing yoga at the house. They think it’s funny. The other morning my 10-year-old was watching me and asked, ‘Why do you do yoga?’ He was not actually interested in my answer and walked away.” – Shane Kramer

Shane Kramer’s sons, Atticus and Owen.

“I do get out a lot with my kids even with my busy schedule. In the last month or so we have had a picnic at Domino Park and did races on the grass, played bocce ball—that was hilarious! And in April I took my children to WrestleMania (we are huge fans). Watching the biggest event of the year in MetLife Stadium, surrounded by 85,000 screaming fans, is a day my children will remember for the rest of their lives!” – Dave Levy

“My kids are still pretty young, so taking the train into Grand Central and visiting the Central Park Zoo are currently at the top of their lists.” – Zac Flynt

“My daughter Zoe was born in the city and my fondest memory of living in the city was the day my wife, Rachel, and I took her home from the hospital. She was born a few weeks earlier than we expected. She was eager to set the world on fire, and we were excited to start the next chapter in our lives with Zoe and her big beautiful eyes!” – Gary Malin

Citi Habitats President Gary Malin with his wife Rachel, and children Zoe and Zach | LivingIn
Citi Habitats President Gary Malin with his wife, Rachel, and children Zoe and Zach.

What are your hopes and dreams for your children?

“I want my boys to continue being as loving, happy and confident as they are now. I want them to be good men and know they are loved.” – Shane Kramer

“My hopes and dreams for Zoe and Zach are that they relentlessly pursue whatever they are passionate about and continue to inspire me each and every day. They are incredible people who I am extremely proud of.” – Gary Malin

“Every father wants his children to be successful in life, but how do we do that? I try to lead by example—always spending time with them and showing them love! That’s the only thing in the world that’s free, and the only things they will remember when they grow up. I always try and review their homework with them and help them with their studies. I hope and pray my efforts will steer them in the right direction.” – Dave Levy

“I obviously just want them to be happy, but my main hope is that humankind can make significant progress on many of the challenges facing our planet, so my children can have the opportunity to live happy lives and one day have families of their own. – Zac Flynt

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