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The Coffee Lovers of Citi Habitats

September 27, 2019

In honor of International Coffee Day and National Coffee Day, we asked the Citi Habitats community about their coffee habits, favorite coffee spots, and what their caffeinated drink of choice is. Be sure to check out their responses below, maybe you’ll find your next favorite cafe or cup of coffee in New York City or Brooklyn!

Photo by London Liu

What Is Your Favorite Cafe and Why?

My favorite Café in the city has to be Black Fox Coffee in the Financial District at 70 Pine St. between Pearl St. and William St. – Abhi Joshi

Caféine Urban Espresso in South Harlem at 2124 Frederick Douglas Blvd NY NY 10026. – Patricia Remarais

I’ve been going to Forever Coffee, which is at 502 W. 167th St. (photos attached–with a peach iced tea). They just opened this location about a month ago. – Sherry Mazzocchi

I’ve been going to this Cafe Reggio for over 30 years now. It always reminds me of my lovely weekend visits to see my sisters who were already living in NYC in the 80s when I was a teenager still in school. Washington Square Park was very different then and it was always a unique experience followed by a long sit at Cafe Reggio for cappuccinos, melon with prosciutto and cannoli. – Danelle Davis

Champion Coffee at 142 Nassau Ave. in Greenpoint. Great coffee and fantastic mint lemonade. Nice staff and they carry that nitro cold brew! – Drew DeMaio

Zibetto Espresso at 1221 6th Avenue at 48th Street is my favorite place for authentic Italian espresso and cappuccino (and the occasional Italian pastry) in a sleek, cool, modern midtown location. It’s a great place to meet clients or have a networking coffee. – Loretta Bricchi Lee

My favorite café is Bagels by the Park at 323 Smith St, across from the F line stop (on the north end) at Carroll Street. They have a terrific variety of bagels, sandwiches, wraps and anything else you could want for breakfast or lunch… and the coffee is great too. I usually stop in every Saturday on the way into Manhattan! So, drop in and say hi to James and the crew, they’re really nice people. – David Maundrell

Silver Moon Bakery is one of my favorite cafes in NYC located on the Upper West Side at 2740 Broadway. All of their breads and pastries are made in-house. They bake all their breads with fresh yeast, with no additives and no preservatives. Making their products fresh and extremely tasteful. They also use Lavazza coffee products. One of the best Italian coffee manufacturers in my opinion. – Michele Colello

​The Cobble Hill Stumpton Coffee Roasters has tremendous coffee; beautiful space, ambiance, vibe, etc. Real neighborhood place. I also like Regular Visitors as they have excellent coffee; beautiful space, ambiance, vibe, etc. Feels like a real neighborhood place. – Zebulon Ely

Porto Rico Importing Co. at 40 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003. Besides the plethora of choices, I like that they serve Vietnamese-style coffee (it is made with condensed milk). – Jerry Torrens

Bakeri at 105 Freeman St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 is a beautiful cafe located in a cute neighborhood. It has antique style interiors, great coffee, artisanal bakery, nice atmosphere, and friendly service. – Kira Chien

I am a big coffee fan. I love the Bel Ami Cafe on the UES at 30 E 68th St, New York, NY 10065. As a Francophile, I love the French pastries, French music and all-around feel of the place. – Jessica Kaufman

Starbucks at 409 Union Ave in Williamsburg. I’ve become close to one of the baristas and he always takes care of me. We play around with my order as I like to change things up from time to time. – Diana Kosov

Devoción at 69 Grand Street in Williamsburg! The atmosphere is rustic, roomy yet cozy, and filled with greenery. It makes me feel like I’m somewhere in a hip neighborhood in Colombia–which is where the beans are from! – London Liu

La Cantine at 60 St Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237. It really is a neighborhood gem. The owner and staff are so friendly and the coffee is always on point. They have oat milk, my favorite, and the food is also amazing. – Amanda Hungerford

Dominican latte in Inwood/Washington Heights. – Angel Dominguez

Do You Drink Regular or Decaf Coffee?

I drink both depending on my energy level, sometimes I need the caffeine, and sometimes I just have it for the taste and aroma. Coffee is great! – Abhi Joshi 

Regular. – Patricia Remarais

I typically drink only regular, caffeinated coffee. – Sherry Mazzocchi

Regular. – Danelle Davis

Death before decaf. – Drew DeMaio

I’m from Italy. What’s decaf? – Loretta Bricchi Lee

I alternate between both decaf and regular, hot and iced. – David Maundrell

Regular, helps kick off my day. – Michele Colello

Regular, black. – Zebulon Ely

Reg. – Jerry Torrens

regular in the morning, decaf in the afternoon. – Kira Chien

Regular coffee as I need my caffeine! – Diana Kosov

What’s decaf? – London Liu

Regular but I’ve heard the decaf here is good. – Amanda Hungerford

Dark or Light Roast?

Photo by Kira Chen

 Light Roast if I want to mix in flavors and play with it, but dark roast for days where I mean business. – Abhi Joshi

Dark. – Patricia Remarais

Washington Heights’ coffee of choice- Cafe Bustelo, a dark roast. – Sherry Mazzocchi

Dark, the darker the better. – Danelle Davis

I’d say neither. Medium roast but strong. light roast is too acidic and dark is burnt. Go to Starbucks for that nonsense. –Drew DeMaio

I would go with a medium roast. If not available, light roast. At Zibetto, the roast is perfect, but in many places, dark roast equals to bitter and burnt taste, so I prefer not to risk. – Loretta Bricchi Lee

Dark. I try to stay away from dairy as it slows me down. – Michele Colello

Depends, but I gravitate to dark roast. – Zebulon Ely

Dark. – Jerry Torrens

 I drink dark in the fall and winter, and light in spring and summer. – Kira Chien

Medium roast. –Jessica Kaufman

Whatever is stronger I say! Apparently, the blonde roast has a lighter taste but is a stronger blend. Good to know. – Diana Kosov

The darker the better. – London Liu

I like dark roast with a full body. It is low in acidity and often has notes of caramel and spices. – Amanda Hungerford

If You Were a Coffee Drink, What Would You Be?

I would definitely be a cappuccino, fun, and light on the palate, but will get the job done without coming off too strong…and it has a nice ring to the name. – Abhi Joshi

A cappuccino. – Patricia Remarais

I would be a regular cup of joe–hot, strong, with half and half and maybe (but usually not) a teaspoon of sugar. That’s the most basic and delicious of all coffee drinks. It is the little black dress of coffee, with a simple accessory of cream. Everything else is just a derivative. – Sherry Mazzocchi

A latte macchiato because I’m easy going with a bold kick. – Danelle Davis

Double espresso over ice with oat milk. Drinking the nursing fluid of a completely different species is disgusting and cruel. – Drew DeMaio

A “macchiato caldo” (hot). It’s the perfect combination of espresso and warm soft milk foam. In the summer, nothing beats an “affogato”, a nice espresso poured over a couple of scoop of gelato. (Even if in Italy, it won’t qualify as a coffee drink, but as a dessert). – Loretta Bricchi Lee

If I were a coffee drink, probably be iced black, no sugar… for the zip! –David Maundrell 

Americana. – Michele Colello

Hazelnut latte. – Zebulon Ely

Double espresso (it matches my energy drive J) –Jerry Torrens

Cold brew and tonic. – Kira Chien

A coffee frappuccino of course. – Jessica Kaufman

I’d be a latte macchiato because I’m extra 🙂 – Diana Kosov

I’d be a freshly dripped dark roast, still piping hot, served black. – London Liu

An oat milk cortado. It is small and strong with a double shot of espresso. I think it originally comes from Spain and Latin America. – Amanda Hungerford

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