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Storage Hacks for Apartments Lacking Sufficient Space

March 7, 2019

The beauty of New York is its diversity—not just of culture and food and style, but also of opinion. From what constitutes the best pizza, to the worst train, to the hippest neighborhood, every New Yorker has his or her own take. But the one thing we city dwellers collectively agree upon: we could all do with more storage space. Every square foot is precious and every closet sacred. If you feel like your apartment is about to spontaneously explode from holding too much stuff, you’re not alone. Here are a few storage hacks to help you turn your closets from cramped chaos into spacious calm.

Hack #1: Embrace vertical storage.

When you’re feeling uninspired by minimal square footage, stop pacing around and start looking up with some vertical storage tips:

1. Floating shelves will do the trick. If your apartment has high ceilings, consider turning one of those empty walls into instant storage space.

2. Tall and slender furniture is the name of the game. Think slim bookcases, repurposed ladders, and multi-tier storage racks. 

Hack #2: Step up your bedroom storage.

Bedrooms can tend to be the most overcrowded areas, overflowing with last season’s wardrobe essentials, reading material you keep intending to get to, and a lifetime’s collection of boots. Luckily, there are plenty of storage hacks to turn your bedroom into the zen space it’s meant to be:

  1. Install shelves around the perimeter of your room, approximately one foot from your ceiling.
  2. Consider under-the-bed space storage. Buy a bed frame with shelves or purchase some inexpensive plastic boxes to store off-season clothes. You can also fill suitcases with clothing you rarely wear, crafting supplies, and anything else that you don’t immediately need. Slide them under the bed and congratulations: you’ve just tucked away your non-essentials as well as your luggage.

Hack #3: Get creative with kitchen storage.

For New Yorkers who love spending time in the kitchen, it’s helpful to get creative with kitchen storage and to make do with what you have:

  1. Buy a colorful pegboard (or paint it), hang it on a frame, and let your pots, pans, and large utensils dangle attractively.
  2. Instead of expensive kitchen storage units, utilize mason jars, vases, and baskets for additional storage in your kitchen.

Hack #4: Make the most of your bathroom storage.

Bathrooms are generally pretty small, especially in New York apartments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think smart and make the most of these spaces:

  1. Pick an unused wall space, hang some open shelves there, and display your prized perfume bottles. (Check out these DIY shelf ideas)
  2. Hang hooks and towel rods behind the toilet.
  3. Use every inch of space. The space between your wall and toilet? That’s storage space. The awkward space between your sink and bathtub? Also storage space. Don’t let one inch of your bathroom escape its storage-space potential.

Hack #5: Get serious about closet storage.

Your closet is the jackpot when it comes to storage. After all, that’s its only job. So use every inch wisely:

  1. Think scientifically about your hangers. The right ones can actually make or break your closet zen. Also, consider investing in a valet, hooks, or pull-outs.
  2. Transform one hanger into a catch-all accessory holder.
  3. Try out a hanging organizer and never lose your favorite t-shirt again.
  4. Do a bi-annual restock. Buy some storage bins, and do your closet a favor by putting away your summer clothes come October, and your winter wear each May.

 There are so many savvy ways to find room for your winter clothes, old journals, and treasured keepsakes. The best way to turn your New York apartment into the cozy home of your dreams is to get creative with clever storage hacks. Think about ways you can turn small nooks and crannies into mini storage units. With the right supplies and the right perspective, it can happen for you, and when it does, go out and celebrate with a festive meal at a New York hot spot! Enjoy!

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