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Pop-Up Spotlight: Rosé Mansion

September 20, 2018

For true rosé fanatics, this is one New York pop-up not to miss. Open through October 21st, Rosé Mansion blends together (get it?) wines from around the world, Instagrammable spaces, and interactive exhibits, to create an hour-long event that keeps the rosé flowing. Groups of around 15 people are ushered in at a time for the self-guided tour throughout eight, wildly decorated spaces. In each room, you’re greeted by a friendly “sommelier” doling out one-ounce pours of rosé that you can sip on while exploring the space and posing with the selfie-friendly props. The individual wines vary in terms of flavor and origin—France, Rome, South America, and Upstate New York can be spotted on the labels of wine on offer.

The tour begins in an overwhelmingly purple room. Your job is to make it even more purple by covering any glimpse of white wall, floor, or furniture with grape stickers.

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A rosé mixologist was on hand to blend custom wines based on preferences—like “fruity” or “tart”—that visitors indicated on a short questionnaire.

One room was dedicated to sparkling wine (no complaints here), and included a helpful infographic detailing the process of making traditional sparkling wines.

Poster detailing how sparkling wine is made | LivingIn

Thankfully it’s easy to catch up on work at the office while enjoying some wine.

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Every great venue includes a fountain made of stacked champagne glasses, and Rosé Mansion is no exception.

Fountain overflowing with rose made out of champagne glasses | LivingIn

In one room, visitors can don bedazzled crowns and pose on an oversized throne. When in Rome…

Two girls wearing crowns sitting on a gold throne | LivingIn

You’ll come upon plenty more Instagrammable backgrounds and props, including a gold, swing-able chandelier, bathtubs filled with rose petals in the “Secret Garden,” a map on which to pin where in the world you’ve consumed the most rosé, and a candy-themed space where you’ll finally be able to answer the question that has bugged you for years: How does a gummy bear affect a wine’s flavor?

Throughout, there are multiple opportunities to clink glasses in front of sparkly backgrounds, and we took advantage of those opportunities.

Two hands clinking stemless wine glasses that say Rosé Mansion | LivingIn

For guests who wish to keep the rosé flowing all day, the Grand Tasting Lounge (open to ticket holders only) serves up glasses and bottles from the largest rosé wine list in the country, as well as snacks like caviar, cheese, and charcuterie (all of which can be purchased separately).

If you’re interested in getting a taste—er sip—of this NYC pop-up, grab your tickets here. Tickets must be purchased online, and they cover the tour, eight pours of wine, a branded Govino glass, and a rosé-themed pin.

Cheers to a great afternoon sampling rosé!


General Admission = $45
Happy Hour (weekdays before 4:30PM) = $35
Must be 21+ to attend

Rosé Mansion
445 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10016
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