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Pop-Up Spotlight: Color Factory

September 5, 2018

All photography by Sylvie Rosokoff

Following its success in San Francisco after premiering in August 2017, Color Factory has come to the east coast, finding a pop-up spot on Spring Street in SoHo. Imagine 20,000 square feet of interactive art installations, featuring of course, quite a bit of color. The 16 installations, presented by a talented and diverse group of artists, illustrators, designers, food vendors, and non-profits, are meant to awaken the senses and encourage creativity to run wild. Grab your tickets online for this intentionally Instagrammable exhibit, and let a little color into your life before summer’s officially over. Here’s a sneak peek of the interactive installations on exhibit downtown…

Rows of rainbow streamers | LivingIn

“100 Colors,” an exhibit from Tokyo-based artist and architect Emmanuelle Moureaux greets visitors in the lobby. The piece features rows of colorful strips of paper, inspired by the rich depth, colors, and emotion of Tokyo.

French macaron cookies on a moving belt in a rainbow room | LivingIn

Treat yourself to a colorful macaron from the NYC pâtisserie Mille-feuille, zooming by on a conveyer belt.

Colorful room with mallets and percussive instruments | LivingIn

An installation from artist Lakwena and musician Abimaro encourages musical collaboration through the use of mallets on dual xylophones, which, when chimed, harmonize in various musical scales.

Person standing on illuminated red circles on dance floor | LivingIn

Try out your best moves on the illuminated dance floor, part of an interactive, disco-inspired installation presented by Maybelline.

Letters of the alphabet above colorful vertical drawers | LivingIn

Behind these colorful drawers are the fascinating histories of 26 unusual colors, written by Kassia St Clair, the London-based author of The Secret Lives of Color.

Hands holding cell phone in blue ball pit | LivingIn

Get lost in a calming sea of 500,000 sky blue balls, where visitors are encouraged to dive in and explore. Just try not to lose your cell phone (or friends) in the process.

If the experience itself isn’t memorable enough, visitors get to pick a present to take home.

Interested? Order tickets online today.

Color Factory
251 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013
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