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Moving Day Must-Haves

July 12, 2019

It’s finally moving day. Everything is packed, labeled, and ready to be picked up by the movers. Lest you wish to be scrambling through a hundred boxes for things you’ll need immediately, you should have some very important items kept aside and at the ready. We present our checklist of moving day must-haves so that your next big move is a smooth one.

1. Scissors, Tape, Markers

These are for last-minute packing and labeling. 

2. Important phone numbers 

  • The movers
  • The landlords of both old and new residences 
  • The babysitter or daycare where your young children might be for the day
  • The pet-sitter or kennel where your pet might be for the day

3. Your inventory list 

Have it handy so you’ll know where to direct movers to place your things. It’ll also, help and also so that you know everything has arrived safely at your new home.

4. Your Overnight Bag 

These are the essentials you’ll need for the night and the next day. There’s no reason to be searching through all of your boxes for what you’ll need immediately. Don’t forget your medications. Or your toothbrush.

5. Bedding 

Keep yourself cozy on your first night, even if you’re surrounded by boxes. Don’t forget your favorite pillow!

6. Snacks and Water 

The movers, your family, your friends, and you will thank you.

7. Valuable Items

These include jewelry, important documents, etc. You’ll want to transport these yourself.

8. Toolkit

This should include a hammer and nails, a tape measure, screwdrivers, pliers, a flashlight, and a utility knife for opening boxes. You just might need these on day one in your new home.

9. Cleaning Supplies

You will most likely need these on moving day for both your old and your new residences. Don’t forget the dish detergent. Or the hand soap!

10. Batteries 

Because you just never know.

11. Toilet paper 

You will be glad you kept this item handy.

12. Chargers

Don’t be caught dead without them.

13. Corkscrew 

After a long day of moving, coordinating, and supervising, relax and celebrate your new place with a bottle of vino. ¡Salud!

And when you’re ready to start setting up your new home, read up on brightening dark spaces, enlarging small spaces, or storage hacking less endowed closets. Because everyone deserves a bright and abundantly spacious abode.

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