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Mother Knows Best: Advice that Sticks

May 10, 2019

In thinking about Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday—pause here if you need to order flowers or make a brunch reservation—we were reminded of all of the wisdom we’ve received from our moms and mother figures throughout the years. We’ve compiled some of the advice that has stuck with members of the Citi Habitats community, as well as the motherly advice they would share with others…

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from your mom (or a mother figure)?

“From my late grandmother: ‘Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.’ And I’ve carried her words with me throughout my years of world traveling, my life and work here in Manhattan, and now being a mother myself, I bring her wisdom to my children.” – Victoria Rong Kennedy (pictured above with her husband and children)

“Things are seldom what they seem. Walk with caution.” – Peter Zelaya

“My mom always expressed to me that’s ok to try new things and go after the things you want in life. My mother was a stay-at-home mom while my father worked, but always wanted to take college courses. She did it in her forties, which, for a woman of a very different generation, felt like a big accomplishment for her. She is now 86 years old.” – Ramona Vicenty

Citi Habitats agent Michael Madewell with his grandmother | LivingIn
Michael Madewell with his grandmother.

“My grandma told me to ‘walk in faith and not in sight’”. – Michael Madewell

“I’ve received so many great pieces of advice from my mom but the one that always sticks with me is to never give up. Life isn’t easy and in order to get through it, you must stand your ground and walk with your head held high. She always says ‘No pidas paciencia si no sabiduría,’ which translates to: ‘don’t pray for patience but for wisdom.'” – Stephanie Guillermo

“My mom always says that instead of taking pictures of just your kids, get in the pictures with them! One day they are going to want to look back and see you, not just pictures of themselves.” – Megan Butler

“If you’re going to do something, do it with ‘ganas’ all your effort.” – Giovanni Archondo

“My grandmother was always very concerned when she saw that my sister and I had bare feet. ‘You should be wearing socks! You don’t want to catch a cold!’ I still don’t share her belief but I think of her advice fondly.” – Jacqueline Rosokoff

What piece of advice would you give to another mom?

“With social media being so prominent I think it’s easier for people to connect.  I would tell other moms to find groups (moms with young kids, fashionista moms, etc.) that would give them something of their own, on their own time, without the kids. Moms need their own time!” – Ramona Vicenty

Citi Habitats agent Stephanie Guillermo and her children | LivingIn
Stephanie Guillermo and her children.

“Motherhood is just about one of the most challenging yet loving roles in this world. My advice to the mamas out there is to let go of the inner critic and enjoy every moment. Remember that your child doesn’t need a perfect mom but a happy one, and you will always be the best mom in their eyes, no matter how many times you think you screwed up. Besides, we are all superheroes after all!” – Stephanie Guillermo

“Remember you aren’t raising a child going through childhood—you’re raising an adult going through childhood.” – Michael Madewell

  1. Never assume your child is completely innocent.
  2. The dirtier they get, the better they sleep.
  3. Nobody is perfect. If they are fed and happy you’re doing a great job. – Megan Butler
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