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Meet the Dogs of Citi Habitats

March 14, 2019

We always love to highlight the agents in our community, but we thought the dogs of Citi Habitats deserved a little recognition too…

What’s your dog’s favorite spot in NYC?

“Apollo, my seven-year-old French bulldog, has many favorite spots in NY but there is one he loves the most: our basement. He likes to go down there to smell everything and look for things to play with or destroy! He is obsessed with boxes and when he finds one, he doesn’t stop until it’s all broken.” – Mateo Pobor

“My American Staffordshire terrier rescue, Mason, loves the dog park on Wall Street by the East River.” – Spencer Cohen

“I love walking over to McGolrick Park with my Australian shepherd, Riley, and hanging in the dog park there. As a bonus, the park is really beautiful and hosts a great farmer’s market in the summer.” – Natalie Phillips

“Anywhere she can be all snuggled up in a blanket. Stella, my Boston terrier, also loves walking around Carl Schurz Park on the UES!” – Carly Colonnese

“Our pit mix Rocky loves going to Brooklyn Bridge Park. With easy access to three dog runs, how could it get better than that?” – Eli S. Perez

“You can often find my French bulldog, Lunette, sitting outside eating a turkey burger at Bareburger on 73rd and 1st.” – Diana Mitchell

Chocoli (the miniature poodle pictured above with Jaclyn), is the type of pup that literally goes everywhere. She has been a Williamsburg resident all her life, and believe me, the neighborhood knows her well. Chocoli has a bar stool at a number of wine and cocktail bars in Williamsburg. When she’s on a walk it’s not uncommon to hear her name shouted out by the neighborhood kids and local restaurant owners. She loves to visit Northside Pharmacy where she is known by all the staff. She also loves Whole Foods Market, Pinkerton Wine Bar, and of course, the Citi Habitats office (she actually runs to the entrance)!” – Jaclyn Ragolia

“Living in Williamsburg, my Great Dane, Arrow, LOVES the dog run at McCarren Park and the Luckydog Bar. They are the best spots to work off some extra energy and make new friends.” – Sarah Riegle

“Mia, my 40-pound hound mix, doesn’t care for other animals, except for squirrels and rabbits, so the dog run is not an option. Instead, she seeks out any place that offers something edible. In our neighborhood, her go-to spot is the firehouse on West 19th Street. They always keep a large jar of treats in the corner of the station and look forward to her visits. She is very flirtatious and her entire body erupts in a full wag when the firemen engage with her.” – Nancy Sager

“My French bulldog, Lolo, can be found wherever there are southern exposures, as he loves to sit in the bright sun.” – Jennifer Rouse

“Battery Park. Rocco loves going for walks in the summer along the water, and stopping at Shake Shack for a treat.” – Gabriel Sehbe

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How has your dog enhanced your life?

“Though I tell people I rescued him, in many ways my nine-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Brinkley, did the rescuing. He gets me out a lot so I can decompress, especially after I have walked many miles during the day with a difficult client. Then he lies at my feet as I watch TV. He’s a people “person,” winning over people who are afraid of animals. He will never jump on you when he greets you at the front door.” – Cyla Klein

“My dogs, Zena (German shepherd) and Chance (lab) add energy, excitement, and humor to our home. No matter what kind of day you have had, they greet you with unconditional love. Additionally, they have given my children a richer life and a deeper sense of compassion.” –  Gary Malin

“I am a single guy who lives alone, and Mason has brought me companionship as I start my new career in real estate.” – Spencer Cohen

“Bambam has brought unconditional love into my life. He also brings smiles and comfort to others, with his Pomeranian cuteness and warm personality.” – Michael Eisenberg

“Casanova, my Shiba Inu, helped me get through a pretty tough breakup, causes me to be more sociable, and helps me with responsibility.” – Michael Madewell

“Riley brings joy in so many ways! Walking her around the neighborhood has brought me closer with the dog owner community (and the dog community), and I’ve gained a new appreciation for Greenpoint and its green spaces. We spend so much time walking I feel like I’ve been able to experience Brooklyn in a whole new way.” – Natalie Phillips

“Cacau, my English Cocker Spaniel, is family, and we can’t think of life without him. After a stressful day, the tail wagging and licks are priceless.” – Rodrigo de Faria

“Stella has made NYC living much more interesting. There’s nothing better than coming home from work and having your #1 fan jumping and being excited that you’re home. As someone who is not a New York native, having a dog has been a great way to meet people in the city! I met my first New York friend by watching her dog on Rover. I now live in her old apartment and I’ve helped her business with marketing–all through having a dog!” – Carly Colonnese

“Lunette is my first, and until I actually became a “pet mom” I had no idea how in-tune I could be with a furry little four-legged creature. I prefer hanging with her to almost anything, and shamelessly walk around having conversations with her while she sniffs out the neighborhood. She’s my stress relief after a long day and her reactions keep me laughing. My human kids say I favor her.” – Diana Mitchell

“Arrow’s sweet and outgoing personality, combined with his love for people, and the returned awe and admiration from the public, has made my life a generally happier place. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when everyone is stopping to chat or just waving and smiling at your dog.” – Sarah Riegle

“If your personal situation allows for it, I recommend sharing your life with one dog or more. They augment our lives unimaginably and bring out the best in people. They contribute to the world in many ways that we take for granted. They are fierce workers, guardians, allies, and sources of compassion and comfort.” – Nancy Sager

“Words cannot begin to describe how Chocoli has changed my life as well as my twin sister’s life. She brought positivity and love into our home. Chocoli is not the stay-at-home type of dog—she comes everywhere with us and that includes work. She has assisted on many editorial shoots and in countless classrooms in Brooklyn, and now she’s a real estate pup! Her kindness and blind love to all who approach her make her the perfect edition and companion.” – Jaclyn Ragolia

“Anytime I was down, Lolo brought me up, and he has no idea how powerful he is and how happy he makes me.” – Jennifer Rouse

“My havanese, McGregor, is my travel companion, on trains, planes, boats, and automobiles. He is my buddy and brings joy to my life every single day.” – Beth Readlinger

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What has surprised you the most about being a dog owner?

“Being a dog owner has taught me a level of patience I never knew I had. Teaching and training him has been so rewarding. It’s like you and your dog are just on this little journey together trying to figure out life and understand one another.” – Kayla Pitsilos

“I spend a lot more time in and around my home, so our apartment has become my little oasis. We moved into a place with a yard last year, and that was a game-changer for me and my boyfriend, and also for Riley. We are outside a lot, and lazy walks around the neighborhood and outdoor bbqs have become something I really look forward to, rather than going out to eat or spending all my time outside of the house/neighborhood.” – Natalie Phillips

“I’ve been surprised by the amount of work involved, and the amount of people I’ve connected, thanks to dog ownership.” – Rodrigo de Faria

“I was surprised by how much work having a dog is, especially having her as a puppy—they really are like children sometimes! Additionally, how much better my life is with having a dog. It’s funny, I can’t even recall what NYC living was like without Stella. They truly become a part of your family – and now my boyfriend’s family! When it’s a holiday, not only do I get gifts and cards, Stella does, too!” – Carly Colonnese

“They’re so involved with their humans. I thought dogs just do their own thing but Lunette follows me everywhere and when I put my shoes on she sits up (like Winnie the Pooh) and stares me down until I tell her whether she’s coming. If it’s a no, she walks away and sulks.” – Diana Mitchell

“Growing up I always wanted to have a dog. I spent a lot of my teenage years studying the breeds and imagining how I would raise a dog of my own one day. Chocoli came to me and my sister as an unexpected adoption and we’ve had her ever since. It’s surprising to me how much love I can have for an animal. My personal Instagram has definitely become a curated montage of pictures with Chocoli.” – Jaclyn Ragolia

“Rocco gives us unconditional love and is very affectionate. It’s also incredible how he doesn’t seem to age personality-wise—he still acts like he’s a puppy at times.”  – Gabriel Sehbe

“How much you are able to connect with other New Yorkers that also have dogs or are just animal lovers.”  – Jordan Skurnik

“How much time I have to spend brushing McGregor’s hair.” – Beth Readlinger

Collage of photos of dogs | LivingIn

What’s your favorite neighborhood dog establishment?

Le Pet Spa in Battery Park.” – Spencer Cohen

“I LOVE Luckydog in Williamsburg. Before I had Riley I would go just to dog-watch. It’s a great bar, they have a nice backyard, and there are always some cute pups to hang with.” – Natalie Phillips

Howie’s Pet Boutique on 84th and York! The owner is as sweet as can be, and you can tell he truly is a dog person.” – Carly Colonnese

Zoomies in the West Village is our spot for all of our supplies, toys, clothing, and food. Bar Tabac is our hangout, we sit for hours and people-watch.” – Beth Readlinger

“Calling All Pets on York carries a nice selection of natural pet products so I can pretty much buy anything there without having to pick through the toxic stuff. We have a lot of dog-friendly eating establishments in Yorkville so when it’s warm out we take Lunette to dinner in her carriage. For the next few days, if she spots another dog at that same table she gets a little crazy.” – Diana Mitchell

“Whiskers Holistic Pet Care at 9th Street at 2nd Avenue is a favorite of Oscar and Isabella.  – Jordan Skurnik

Luckydog is the quintessential dog designated dive bar, complete with treats behind the bar and a backyard for pups to run around off leash. We also love PS9 Pet Supplies on North 9th Street in Williamsburg.” – Jaclyn Ragolia

Collage of photos of dogs | LivingIn

If your dog had a New York profession, what would it be?

“Zena would be a nurse, and Chance? Tight end for the Jets.” – Gary Malin

“Jackson, my five-month-old Cavapoo, would be one of the tour guides on top of the buses talking about the city. He’s so social and loves entertaining everyone.” – Kayla Pitsilos

“I think Riley would be really great at crowd control. She’s got her eye on everyone and everything and has amazing focus. She loves to break up a party.” – Natalie Phillips

“Psychologist. He loves to observe people.” – Spencer Cohen

“He’d probably be a model.” – Michael Madewell

“He would make a great psychologist, always ready to listen and give you comfort.” – Cyla Klein

“Cacau would be the head of the Treats Division for Petco so he could test and approve all treats.” – Rodrigo de Faria

“A store greeter. She loves EVERYONE. When we go to the dog park, she ignores the other dogs and runs up to the people.” – Carly Colonnese

“Before having back surgery, she went to daycare full-time at Biscuits and Bath. The staff told me she would discipline the other dogs if they messed with the water bowl or continued to do something that she knew they’d be scolded for. They called her the police officer. She’d also be a good food critic.” – Diana Mitchell

“Oh, that’s easy. By day, she’d be a supermodel. With large expressive eyes, shiny black fur, a slender neck, and white elbow-length gloves, she strongly resembles Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She’d crush it on any runway. Most evenings, you would find her around town at various comedy clubs. She’s highly entertaining and loves being the center of attention.” – Nancy Sager

“He definitely would be a trash collector!” – Mateo Pobor

“Chocoli would certainly be a barista at Oslo Coffee on Roebling Street. We have been going to Oslo for over a decade—it’s basically her second home.” – Jaclyn Ragolia

“Restaurant walking tour guide. Rocky loves to walk anywhere with the hopes of finding something to eat, all while greeting people along the way.” – Eli S. Perez

“Oscar would be a New York University professor, and Isabella, a New York Times food critic.” – Jordan Skurnik

“Lolo would be a mixologist!” – Jennifer Rouse

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