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How to Determine if You Need Professional Movers

April 1, 2019

Moving in NYC can be quite the experience. From boxing up everything in your current apartment to moving it through the city’s traffic to unpacking and arranging it all in your new home, moves can feel overwhelming. Add other factors like kids to look after or pets to board for the day, and the to-do list gets even longer.

But moving doesn’t have to be exhausting. Thankfully, the city has a plethora of professional moving services that can do most of the heavy lifting for you. We’ve created a helpful checklist to help you determine whether or not you need professional movers.

Are you switching neighborhoods?

A move just down the block or right around the corner might not warrant the use of professional movers, but big neighborhood moves definitely do. Moving from the Upper West Side to FiDi? Or from Chelsea to Midtown East? It’s time to call in the professionals. Leave the logistics of getting all of your stuff from one side of the city to the other to the ones who do it for a living. Ditto with inter-borough moves. There is no need to lug all of your furniture, including those priceless family-heirloom furniture pieces, across the Brooklyn Bridge on your own. We promise things will go much smoother if you delegate that task.

Are you downsizing?

Many empty-nesters will choose to downsize their living space after sending their last child off to college or into the workforce. Others will take Marie Kondo’s dictum of decluttering to the max, and find their life and living space greatly simplified. Trading a generous amount of space in the outer reaches of Brooklyn for a prime Manhattan location is a common transition and one that warrants the use of professional movers. The reason is that many movers will haul any unwanted or extra furniture to a storage unit or a donation site (sometimes for a small additional fee) for those looking to downsize. So, whatever your reason for significant decluttering, hiring movers is a big help in both simplifying and moving in one. 

Do you have children?

Moving from your college dorm room to your first NYC apartment probably wasn’t that stressful. But then again, as a young, single adult, you were moving much less stuff. For families with children, the sheer amount of things that need to be moved almost always warrant the use of professional movers. Children mean extra furniture, toys, and boxes upon boxes of other items that need to be relocated. Trying to do this all on your own while simultaneously taking care of the kids is a recipe for exhaustion. Allowing someone else to do the heavy work means that the move will go smoothly in the hands of professionals, and you’ll still have the energy to spend quality time with your family throughout the process. 

Are you moving heavy furniture?

If your home is adorned with solid wood pieces or priceless family antiques, you’ll most certainly want professional movers to transport them to your new home. Professional moving companies have all the equipment and manpower necessary to ensure that your furniture arrives at your new house sans any new bumps or dings. They also guarantee that you won’t throw your back out moving that heavy oak dining room table. So save your weight training for the gym and let the pros move your stuff easily and efficiently.

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