A boston terrier dog is dressed in a chia pet costume for a Halloween dog costume contest.

Creative and DIY Halloween Dog Costumes

October 17, 2019

Halloween is the one day of the year when anyone can dress up as anything they like, and the response is good-hearted. Not only that, but Halloween is simply a fun holiday – and it’s fun for everyone, the whole family. Why not include the dog? This year, bring Halloween up a level by dressing your dog for the occasion. In the spirit of Halloween, we offer up some creative costumes for your beloved pooch.

If a piñata was a Pug, it would be filled with sweetness. What better way to bring out the spirit of your pooch than to make him a piñata for Halloween? For this costume, all you need is bright colored tissue paper, brown kraft paper, and string. Add a little hat – or make your own – and Olé! Pug piñata! For a run-down on the DIY how-to, check out this link.

Dog dressed up as a martini for halloween.
Photo credit: romprescue.com

Halloween, your dog, and a martini. It just doesn’t get much better than that. Unless, of course, your dog is the martini. For this costume, all you need is your dog’s cone collar, a wood dowel, and foam balls that you’ve painted into olives. Poke a hole through the center of the olives, slide them onto the dowel, and attach the dowel in the cone using the cone’s widest setting. Wa-la. Your dog is now the most tempting drink on the block. Now all you need is to dress up as Carrie Bradshaw.

a little chihuahua dressed as a mummy

This costume works best with a dog that’s already a bit skeletal-looking, like this Chihuahua. And all you need is gauze! Just wrap and wrap and you’ve got an instant mummy. For that just-stepped-out-of-an-Egyptian-tomb,-been-buried-for-awhile look, soak the gauze in tea before wrapping. Just be careful not to wrap his face, tail, bottom, ears, or paws, and make sure the gauze is completely dry before wrapping.

A boston terrier dog is dressed in a chia pet costume for a Halloween dog costume contest.

Ch-ch-ch-Chia! Oh, the memories. Bring them back this Halloween with your proud pooch on display. For this costume, you’ll need a dog shirt or sweater, plastic aquarium plants, and orange felt fabric. Use a glue gun to adhere the plants to the shirt, measure the orange fabric as “pots” for your doggie’s legs, and attach the fabric to a comfortable harness. Now get out there and cha-cha-cha-Chia your way to the nearest costume contest. 

Dog dressed up as an ogre wearing a lime green wig

Now, this is an example of going with a costume that suits your dog’s innate style. Like putting giant spots on a Great Dane and turning him into Scooby-Doo. Adorning your Husky in glasses and a nightgown, so she’s the Big Bad Wolf disguised as Grandma. Putting boxing headgear on your Boxer, making your Dachshund a hot dog, dressing your Poodle as a French maid- these things make sense. Go with them.

Bulldog dressed up as a cheerleader
cheerful dog – english bulldog dressed up like cheerleader with pompoms on white background

You could also go in the opposite direction. And who doesn’t love juxtaposition? While it’s true that your Pitbull might never wear a ballerina costume in everyday life, who’s to say he doesn’t secretly want to? Halloween is your day to give him that opportunity. So, go for it. Dress your Bulldog in a cheerleading outfit, turn your Yorkie into the Incredible Hulk. Halloween is a time of self-expression – give your dog their day in the sun (or, in this case, their night in the moon), and let them be something else for a change. They’ll still always be your best friend.

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