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CH Staff Spotlight: Susan Rader

March 7, 2019

Behind the scenes at Citi Habitats are individuals dedicated to the success of our agents and the company’s forward movement. As Executive Assistant to both Citi Habitats’ President, Gary Malin, and EVP of New Developments, Jodi Stassi, as well as the Corporate Relocation Coordinator, Susan Rader wears many hats (and she wears them well). We caught up with her to learn more about her various roles and responsibilities, her words of wisdom for agents new to the business, and a few talents and interests that may surprise you…

Tell us about your job with the company!

I am approaching my 15-year anniversary at Citi Habitats! I was originally hired as the company concierge in 2004 and then was given the opportunity to work as Gary’s assistant shortly thereafter and it was a great match! A few years back, I was given the opportunity to also assist Jodi Stasse, our Executive VP of New Developments. Being part of Jodi’s team has given me insight into the New Development world that I had never had before and it’s been a great learning experience.

Along with handling the wide-ranging executive assistant tasks for two very busy people, I am the Corporate Relocation Coordinator for Citi Habitats. Over the years, Gary and I have built relationships with numerous companies, schools and relocation companies who trust us with the task of finding suitable housing for their employees. I enjoy getting to talk to clients and work closely with a great group of agents who understand the needs of our corporate clients. I also have the pleasure of planning some of the company events for Citi Habitats and, last but not least, I am Realogy’s ithrive ambassador for Citi Habitats – helping to promote their wellness program to our staff. It’s a lot but I love it!

Who inspires you?

My sister inspires me. She is a pediatric surgeon and has two young, very active children at home. As I sit behind my desk, I often think about how her day differs from mine and I am so proud of the work she does and what she went through to get there. She is amazing!

What is your secret talent no one knows about?

Hmmm, I don’t think I have a talent that is completely a secret but what I think what people find the most interesting is that I love playing golf (which might be why Gary hired me), I can tap dance, and I run a very small Etsy business in my spare time called studioSQdesigns making handmade accessories. I create a little more in the winter and golf a little more in the warmer months.

If you could be any animal, which would you be?

If I could be any animal, I would have to choose something fierce and fast like a cheetah – ironically Gary just pointed out that I have on my cheetah print sweater today so I have to go with that!

What 3 traits define you?

Conscientious. Creative. Efficient.

What advice do you have for new agents in the business?

Here is what I have observed from working closely with agents for many years: If you are not self-motivated and open to being responsive, even when it’s inconvenient to you, turn back now. If you say “yes I am” then I would advise the following: The agents with the most success understand this business is just as much about customer service as it is about knowledge.  Yes, you definitely have to know your product but you are here to “serve a customer.”  Be friendly, listen, and respond clearly and quickly. Communication is key. Do whatever you can to make the process easier and more pleasant for them. There are thousands of agents to choose from—give the service and attention that the next guy/gal won’t.

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