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Celebrate National Beach Day on a Beach (Obviously)

August 27, 2019

In case you aren’t aware, August 30th is National Beach Day, and we’re big believers in celebrating this particular holiday. It’s hot out, and getting to the beach from NYC is way easier than most people realize, so why wouldn’t you go? Before you make your plans, check out these tips from frequent beachgoers in the Citi Habitats community…

“BYOU. Bring your own Umbrella. I bought a great Tommy Bahama umbrella at Costco that screws into the sand.  I looked crazy bringing it on a recent trip that involved multiple car, boat, and ferry rides, but it was completely worth it because I didn’t get burned.” – Grant Cooper

“Having been born and raised in Miami Beach, and being half Caribbean, I know a thing or two about how to have a nice day at the beach. First, make sure to wake up early and get to your location no later than 10am. This is best for those who are driving or those who want to select a spot along the sand. My second tip would be to pack efficiently (only your essentials) and to plan out your meals for the day (whether it be pre-packed home-cooked meals, or restaurants to go to). There’s nothing worse than being hot and wet while trying to figure out what to eat for lunch. My recipe for an ideal beach day consists of swimming, snacking, sleeping/sunbathing, and doing an activity (e.g. playing beach volleyball, reading a book, or listening to music). Whether you are with friends, alone, or with your family, you are destined to have a nice beach day with a little bit of planning and an open mind.”  – Valentina Solci

“When I only have a few hours to spend, I like to go to Brighton Beach around Brighton 5th Street during the week. It’s only 8 train stops on the B from where I live, so within 20 minutes I can be plopped on the beach! There is good cell phone service (unlike other NYC beaches) so I am always able to work from the sand. For about $4 I get a tasty authentic Russian lunch—special treats like potato knishes and pirozhki are easy to find at the foot of the subway station. If you’re lucky, the bartender at Tatiana Grill on the boardwalk will give you a coffee cup to go for your $5 beer so you can enjoy it on the beach. The water is usually crystal clear, and everyone tends to mind their own business on the beach, which is always welcomed. Cheers to the end of summer! – Sarah A Adler

“One of my favorite beaches is Rockaway Beach. The boardwalk starts at 126th Street and is 5.5 miles long. Beachgoers can enjoy the sand and water, the variety of concessions, Rockaway Beach Bakery at 87th Street, and the city’s only legal surfing beach, located between 67-69 and 87-92 Streets. There is a surf shop at 67th Street where you can rent or buy boards and buy swimwear, or you can rent boards right next to the beach for $10/hour.

There is street parking only, so if you arrive by car you should be prepared to circle around to find a spot during the weekends. Weekdays are much easier! You can also get here on the A train, which stops at 116, 105, 90, 67, 60 Streets. The most pleasant commute is by ferry from Pier 11 ( near Wall Street). The speedy 149-seat NYC Ferry features big picture windows and a roof deck, offering grand views on both levels, especially when you’re passing under the majestic Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and skimming by sailboats and cruise ships in the New York Harbor. There’s a stop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, before docking at Beach 108th Street and Beach Channel Drive. From there, it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the beach.

Last but not least you can bring a dog to the beach if it’s early in the morning or after 6-7pm. I take my buddy for a walk before lifeguards and crowd hit the beach. There are other owners out walking their dogs, and it can turn into a fun playdate for your furry friend.”  – Anastasiia Grusha

Need some help figuring out which beach to check out? Take a look at our round-up of beaches that are easy to get to from NYC.

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