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7 Tips for 7 Elements: Elegant Studio Apartment Decorating

April 16, 2018

In honor of this week’s NYCxDesign event, we’re sharing our recommendations for elegant studio apartment decorating. Your home should be a place where you feel peace each time you step inside, and good design will help you achieve exactly this. Interior design is based on 7 key elements: space, light, color, line, form, pattern, and texture. By skillfully utilizing these 7 elements, you can create an elegant home decor for studio apartments that will make you love being at your home sweet home.

1. Maximize the use of vertical space to implement elegant and clutter-free design.

Wall-mounted fold up tables, floating shelves, hanging bike racks, and wall hooks turn vertical space into storage space. A wall-mounted fold up table can double as a desk, dining area, or art piece; floating shelves can help you organize belongings such as books, framed art, and lamps; bike racks keep your footpath clear while making an art display of your bike; and wall hooks in your closets and kitchen are the perfect place to hang accessories, brooms, or cooking utensils.

2. Use lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.

Overhead lighting can be harsh and cold. Invest in floor lamps, table top lamps, pendant lights, light bulbs with a warm glow, candles, and light dimmers to set a cozy atmosphere that will help you ease into and out of your days.

3. Use color to visually expand your space.

A light color palette will make your space seem larger and an accent wall or focal point with vertical lines will make your ceiling appear higher. Wallpaper has made a comeback this year and removable varieties make it easier to decorate elegantly and temporarily without damaging walls.

237th 11th in Brooklyn's kitchen showcases smart design in action | LivingIn

237th 11th in Brooklyn’s kitchen (pictured here) and living room (pictured at the top of the post) showcase smart design in action – bold patterns, a clever use of wallpaper, and varied lighting.

4. Mind the lines.

In the same way that vertical lines used sparingly will make your ceiling appear higher, curtains hung from the ceiling line or from wall to wall make windows and walls seem larger, and ceilings seem higher. 

5. Vary the forms.

If you have mostly rectangular furniture, vary the forms by throwing in differing shapes into your small studio decor. Consider a circular rug under a rectangular couch; a hexagonal pendant light above a circular table; or circular, tubular, and square pillows together on your couch or bed.


6. Develop a pattern.

Elegant studio apartment decorating can be achieved by finding a pattern that brings you joy. Whether it’s wallpaper for your bathroom, a lampshade you love, an area rug that brings you joy, a colorful armchair whose pattern you can’t resist, or a bedspread you’ve had for decades, watch your space come to life when patterns are used sparingly.


7. Add texture.

Texture is an oft-overlooked element of interior design, but varying the texture within a home will add to an elegant feeling of coziness. Throws, tapestries, pillows, carpets, and even artwork can bring your small apartment living room design to the next level. Plants not only breathe life into your home through texture and color, many varieties purify the air as well!


We hope our 7 elegant studio apartment decorating tips will help you achieve the small studio decor you are seeking –  and check out our Pinterest Board with images of all of the above recommendations. If your studio is a rental, be sure to check with your building owner before making any big changes. Happy designing!

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