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7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

October 29, 2018

If you’re like many New Yorkers, you love Halloween and often intend to make or buy an incredible costume. Then the end of October sneaks up on you and you find yourself short on costumes, ideas, and time. Don’t despair: one of the most fun elements of Halloween is the array of delightfully inventive costumes made by stressed-out New Yorkers on October 30th. Here are a few low-cost, quick, and stress-free ways to pull together the perfect last-minute Halloween costume if you find yourself in that situation again!

Dancing Girls Emoji


  1. Black clothes
  2. Beige pantyhose
  3. Black flats
  4. Black poster board
  5. Headband

Costumes can be a lot more fun when done with a friend, so round up your fellow costumeless pal and laugh along while you pull together this “Dancing Girls Emoji” costume. All you need is a black tank/leotard and shorts, beige pantyhose (or go with your legs bare if you don’t mind the cold) and a pair of black flats. Then, pop on some cat ear headbands or cut black poster board into two small rectangles and attach to a headband. Voila! P.S. If you find yourself in a general emoji state of mind, check out Brit + Co’s extensive list of DIY Emoji Costumes you can pull together on the fly.

Girl With A Pearl Earring


  1. Dark turquoise skirt
  2. White blouse
  3. Brown wrap or fabric
  4. Pearl earrings
  5. Indigo-colored fabric
  6. Mustard-colored fabric

Copy this classic Vermeer masterpiece with a super-simple costume you can throw together at the last minute. As conceived by The House That Lars Built, this costume infuses some art history into your holiday. All it requires are a couple simple pieces out of your wardrobe, a pearl earring, and some fabric such as a scarf, pillowcase, or small towel.

Flower-Pot Kid


  1. Large plastic planter/washtub
  2. Jump rope
  3. A few bunches of flowers
  4. Headband
  5. Duct tape

Your little one will go crazy for this costume which turns him or her into a living pot of flowers. Follow the Clumsy Crafter’s guide to making this $6 costume in a mere 10 minutes and laugh in the face of store-bought Disney princes and princesses. Essentially, you cut the bottom out of the planter, tape the jump rope to act as suspenders, and tape the flowers along the edge. It’s incredibly simple, and the effect is truly adorable.

Strangely-Cute Snail


  1. Brown Kraft paper
  2. Masking Tape
  3. Headband
  4. Styrofoam balls
  5. Ribbon
  6. Glue Gun

If you never thought “snail” would be a good costume, this costume is about to prove you emphatically incorrect. This Oh Happy Day blog post lays out a ridiculously-simple way of constructing this truly creative costume, with the main ingredient being your humble brown Kraft paper. You (or your little one) will be the standout on the block.

“The Dude”


  1. Dressing gown/robe
  2. White Russian
  3. Beard (optional)

The Big Lebowski’s “The Dude” is a classic last minute Halloween costume that will always abide, as aptly pointed out by Buzzfeed. To imitate cinema’s most famous slacker, simply pull together the appropriately lazy outfit of a dressing robe over your choice of underclothes. Then mix yourself a White Russian (or imitation) and chill on out.

Wednesday Addams


  1. Black dress
  2. Black shoes
  3. Red lipstick

Television’s most beloved angsty adolescent, Wednesday Addams, is the perfect dark and oddly refined choice for your Halloween look. As blog And Then We Saved recommends, simply braid your hair in pigtails, pull on a long-sleeve black dress, your best pair of black shoes, and a pucker up your red lipstick pout.



  1. T-shirt
  2. 6 Kitchen sponges

What better way to comment on the self-centeredness of the selfie generation than with a costume embodying self-absorption? Follow Real Simple’s ingenious guide to the easiest Halloween costume you’ve ever made. Simply glue a few fresh sponges to an old t-shirt and prepare to elicit some chuckles. Talking about yourself all night isn’t rude if it’s part of your costume, right?

As you can see, you don’t need to drop $80 at the costume store to make your Halloween look memorable. All it takes is a good idea, some ingenuity, and a few minutes of work to make a totally last minute Halloween costume that people will be talking about for years to come. If all this costume-making has you in a theatrical state of mind, check out our guide to City Living for Theatre and Broadway Lovers. It offers a handy guide to scoring cheap Broadway tickets, and a cool roundup of all the classic Broadway spots you should know about.
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