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6 Cobble Hill Bars to Get Your Cocktail On

August 30, 2018

Cobble Hill is a neighborhood that appreciates its history, with streets lined by 19th-century brownstones and longtime neighbors playing bocce. In recent years, this foodie-lovers part of Brooklyn has welcomed a host of bars and restaurants offering the best in craft cocktails. If you’re craving a delicious boozy beverage, there has never been a better time to visit these Cobble Hill bars. Here is our guide to finding the best cocktails in Cobble Hill.

Clover Club

210 Smith Street near Butler Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Launched by NYC’s cocktail-fairy-godmother, Julie Reiner, the Clover Club combines all the luxuries of your favorite Manhattan bar with the low-key, laid-back atmosphere of Cobble Hill. No trip here is complete without trying the titular drink, the Clover Club cocktail, which combines gin, berries, and lemon. For the full experience, bring a few friends and order one of their famous communal punches, which serve 4-6 adults. The Dilettante’s Punch pairs red wine with Jamaican rum. Specially concocted brunch beverages range from a classic Bloody Mary to the hazelnut-infused Afternoon Buzz.

Congress Bar

208 Court Street between Warren Street & Verandah Place
Brooklyn, NY 11201

A produce stand once stood in the spot this small, unimposing bar now calls home. That said, Congress Bar’s cocktails are anything but humble. The bar can get quite crowded late at night, but patrons can seek some peace and quiet in the cozy back room. They have a wide selection of cocktails, including an award-winning Bloody Mary concoction called “The Pitted Queen,” which is garnished with locally-sourced beef jerky. If you’re feeling daring, ask the bartender for an off-menu item, the spicy Tequila Torchlight.

The Long Island Bar

110 Atlantic Avenue between Henry & Hicks Streets
Brooklyn, NY 11201

No list of Cobble Hill bars would be complete without including the Long Island Bar, which first graced the neighborhood in 1951. After shutting its doors in 2007, the bar underwent a seven-year hiatus. It was reopened in 2014 by Toby Cecchini, the bartender known for inventing the Cosmopolitan in 1988. Today, it pairs a welcoming, retro vibe with what Cecchini describes as “straightforwardish” cocktails, each with a subtle twist. Try the famous Long Island Gimlet, which mixes gin and lime-ginger cordial, or the Boulevardier, which combines Rye, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth. Balance a night of imbibing with some dressed-up comfort food from the kitchen.  


221 Smith Street between Butler and Baltic Streets
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Leyenda is another spot helmed by the queen of Cobble Hill bars, Julie Reiner, this time in collaboration with bartender Ivy Mix, who was dubbed 2016’s “Best American Bartender” at Tales of the Cocktails. Together, they’ve concocted a Latin American-inspired menu that pulls flavors from Guatemala, Argentina, and Peru, resulting in some of the best cocktails in New York City. Soothe your sweet tooth with the sugary Maiden Name, which blends cachaça with coconut, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Or, if you can handle a little spice, try the Jalapeño-infused La Sonnambula. Do yourself a favor and round out drinks with a taste of the kitchen’s best hits, like the goat-picadillo tacos or the tuna and watermelon ceviche.


136 Atlantic Avenue between Clinton & Henry Streets
Brooklyn, NY 11201

This breezy bar was a longtime East Village favorite that recently made the move to Cobble Hill. Now it melds the best of classic cocktails with inventive, new recipes like the “Spider in the Cup,” which blends Scotch and chili bitters, or the pomegranate and bay leaf-flavored “Handsome Grandson.” If the weather is pleasant, check out the spacious patio. Or, if you’re on a romantic date, cuddle up in one of the candlelit booths.

Le Boudoir

135 Atlantic Avenue between Clinton & Henry Streets
Brooklyn, NY 11201

You’ll be seduced by the decadence at this rococo-inspired bar, decorated to evoke the splendor of Marie Antoinette’s chambers at Versailles. From the crystal glassware to the French antique furniture, everything about this place feels carefully concocted for maximum luxury. The cocktail menu, crafted by Franky Marshall of Monkey Bar and the Dead Rabbit, is similarly inspired by France. Options abound: try a fancy concoction like the Hot Air Balloon, served over pebbled ice and garnished with citrus. Or stick to a cheekily-named classic like the “Guillotine,” which pairs mezcal and scotch. If you’re feeling daring, you might even want to sample the absinthe-infused “Dauphin.” Make sure to check out the washrooms, which were modeled after the Queen’s very own powder room.

Interested in Cobble Hill? Explore the neighborhood’s real estate, which is equally as exciting as its cocktail scene.

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