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13 Things You Didn’t Know Were Protected by Renters Insurance

August 7, 2018

By Luke Cohler, Co-Founder & President of Jetty

If you had to name some things that renters insurance covers…what would you guess?

Your apartment gets burned in a fire? Correct. Or the whole thing floods because of pipes that burst? Yup. Those are two big things (not to mention extremely serious, scary, and important things) that renters insurance covers. You buy insurance against them because you want to be protected in the rare event—knock on wood—that they ever happen.

But the truth is, renters insurance also covers incidents that occur much more frequently. They might seem smaller and less scary, but they’re frustrating, annoying, and time-consuming to deal with. And we’ve found that most people have no idea what they are.

So, we’re here with a lucky list of 13 things you might not know that affordable renters insurance can cover when bad luck rolls your way. Let’s take a look.

1. You crack your phone screen.

It’s a gorgeous day at a beer garden. In the midst of a heated game of Heads Up, your phone flies out of your BFF’s hands and onto the gravel, cracking your phone screen and potentially shattering your friendship. Fortunately, if you’ve opted into Jetty’s Portable Electronics Power-Up, one of those is covered by renters insurance. (It’s the phone screen. Sorry, Chris!)

2. You leave your phone in an Uber.

The conversation was great, and the ride was smooth, but as you watched your Uber driver speed away, you realized your iPhone went with them. When you can’t track it down and it’s gone forever, you’ll be glad you got that Jetty Portable Electronics Power-Up for additional 5-star-worthy coverage.

3. Someone steals your bike.

Even if you’re not at home, a stolen bike is usually covered by renters insurance. Let’s say you lock up your bike outside your friend’s place for the evening, and when it’s time to go, it’s nowhere to be found. Defeat! You call an Uber and reluctantly get in, while looking around to make sure it’s definitely, really, 100% gone for good. Bright side: Renters insurance typically covers the cost of replacing your stolen bike. So take comfort in knowing renters insurance expands beyond just items that stay in your apartment.

4. Your watch gets swiped at the gym.

We’ve all left our gym lockers unattended when dealing with a broken digital lock, right? Before you know it, you’re coming back to everything but your watch. Just as with your stolen bike, renters insurance typically covers stolen valuables, like jewelry, even when you’re not at home. (Jetty offers optional protection beyond the standard limits for valuables like jewelry and watches.)

5. The apartment above yours floods…and water damage ruins your couch.

It’s rough enough when you live below people. After all, it really does seem like some of them have an all-night bowling alley up there. So when you come back from the store to find your microsuede couch directly below what appears to be a raincloud on your ceiling, renters insurance will help to cover the cost of a new couch. Plus, if fixing that hole means you can’t stay in your place, renters insurance could also cover your (reasonably priced) hotel room.

6. You forgot about that candle you left burning…and your wardrobe goes up in flames.

We feel you: Those fig-and-basil scented candles were hard to resist and it made your place smell like an Anthropologie store. And somewhere in your private Florence & the Machine music video reenactment, your wardrobe of breezy sundresses and cozy furs went up in flames. Good news: Your wardrobe (both the furniture and the clothes in it) would be covered by renters insurance.

7. Someone breaks into your apartment and steals your TV.

They told your neighbors they were your friends and helping you move. Or, they came in through the fire escape and escaped with your beloved 52” flat screen. Either way, this is what renters insurance theft claims were made for.

8. Your DSLR camera gets stolen while you’re on vacation.

When you put your camera down on the beach and it’s gone before you can say, “Cheese,” you’ll be extra glad that renters insurance covers it. Thank goodness you had backed up all of your photos the night before, right? …Right?

9. You throw a party and your guest breaks her arm.

We all have that friend. That delightful, funny, wild, and clumsy-as-*$%^ friend who somehow accidentally managed to break her arm in your place during your housewarming party. Yep, renters insurance even helps cover Klutzy Kristy’s medical bill when she discovered the whole don’t-roller-skate-indoors thing the hard way.

10. Your Gibson Les Paul guitar falls off the wall stand.

Okay, maybe your roommate was right, and you should have used stronger wall anchors for that guitar hanger hook. Or any wall anchors, really. But this isn’t the time for blame; it’s time for grief and healing. And renters insurance. (Your broken guitar is covered if you’ve got the Jetty Valuables Protection Power-Up).

11. Someone steals your laptop from your car.

You can breathe a little easier about the Chromebook you had stashed under the seat. While your car itself isn’t covered under renters insurance in the case of a break-in (your car insurance should help with that), electronics typically are.

12. Your place gets bedbugs.

This even gave us the heebie-jeebies to write. They’re the insect version of He Who Shall Not Be Named. Just the word alone strikes fear into the hearts of both city and country dwellers. But fear not: With Jetty’s Bedbugs Coverage, you’ll get $300 toward the removal of those pests so you can get on with your life.

13. Your engagement ring is stolen on your honeymoon.

Did someone steal your wedding ring on vacation? In the case of Jetty Renters Insurance, if your jewelry is stolen (even while out of the country), you’re covered for up to $1,500. If you have the Jetty Valuables Protection Power-Up, you’d be covered up to the full value of the ring.

Jetty is a modern renters insurance provider that offers better, more affordable coverage. Learn more at Jetty.com.

Issuance of coverage is subject to underwriting review and approval. Coverage may not be available in all states. Please see a copy of the policy for the full terms, conditions and exclusions. Policy obligations are the sole responsibility of State National Insurance Company, Inc. (NAIC No. 12831), Bedford, TX, in all states except Florida, and National Specialty Insurance Company (NAIC No. 22608), Bedford, TX, in Florida (collectively, “State National”). Coverage scenarios are hypothetical and shown for illustrative purposes only. Coverage is dependent on the actual facts and circumstances giving rise to a claim. Jetty Insurance Agency LLC (Jetty) is an insurance agency licensed to sell property-casualty insurance products. Jetty will receive compensation from State National for such sales. Refer to the Legal Notices section on www.jetty.com for additional information regarding Jetty.


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Luke Cohler is Co-Founder and President of Jetty, the modern renters insurance provider that offers better, more affordable coverage to protect the things you love. Jetty’s insurance plans can be customized for whatever life throws at you, from nightmares like fire and theft to shattered phones, broken laptops, and even bedbugs. Learn more about Jetty Renters Insurance at Jetty.com.


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